Epoxy Floors

Today is an epoxy day! I want to show you how easy it can be to epoxy your own floors. We will be doing our garage floor today so follow along with us, there is a video at the end of the post you can watch and see how its done!

Materials you will need

  • Sprayer
  • Water
  • Rustoleum clean and etch for concrete
  • Rustoluem rock solid garage floor coating kit
  • Flakes of your chosen color
  • Foam rollers
  • Roller stick extension pole
  • Paint Tray
  • Squeegee
  • Floor Brush / Broom

Step 1 Wetting and etching the floor

So the first step is that the floors have to be etched, that means that they need to be completely cleaned before I can put the epoxy on. Before we etch though we need to make sure the floor is a little wet, so the product goes further.

Once that is done I need to put the Rustoleum clean and etch into my sprayer. Make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions and safety guidelines at all times when using these products. Also make sure you are in a ventilated area.

Let the floor  dry before the next step.

Step 2 Mixing the epoxy

This particular brand comes in a bag with a seam that separates the two materials from each other. You lay this on a flat surface and then you massage it and roll Part A into Part B to burst center seam. Now I’m going to mix this bag for two to three minutes. Keep mixing the two parts together part A and part B.

Make sure you mix the epoxy well and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Once ready pour it into your paint tray. One handy tip is to use a large industrial trashbag over your tray so you can just pull the bag over itself and tie it up for a quick clean up.

Start by cutting in the edges of the room and working from the most inner corner outward to ensure you have a path to back out of the working space. The reason you use foam rollers is because it doesn’t have a nap to it. You want nice and smooth to get a glass like finish. That’s the goal.

Step 3 Add flakes

So cut in, roll your space and toss some flakes! I want a grey floor, so I also bought separate flakes from Home Depot. I bought extra concrete flakes and these are in a gray blended black mix. So it’s going to look, really commercial. when I finish.

The other item that I bought was a roller stick. Foam roller goes on here. Like that, and then we’re ready to go.

We’re going to do a section at a time because it’s a pretty big space to do. You cut in, roll it and then
throw some flakes, just like that.

And that’s it your done! Let it dry and wait at least 48 hours before you park your vehicles on it.