Five Phase Design Process

We take every full-service project through our streamlined five phase design process.

The most efficient approach to take your vision from idea to reality.


Phase One: Project Initiation

All projects start with a Project Consultation. This is a on-site meeting with Touijer Designs to outline project scope and design vision. Following your consult, we'll provide a services proposal with estimated design fees. We utilize a flat fee structure, so you never have to worry about excessive project hours or hidden costs.

Phase Two: Research, Design, & Presentation

This stage is where the bulk of the design work happens and typically requires a minimum of seven weeks. Phase Two culminates in a full presentation of your entire design project, including all estimates for products, additional services, and construction. This allows you to see an accurate picture of what it will cost to execute your vision, and then revise if needed.


Phase Three: Procurement

All orders will be placed at this time. For larger projects, all items, except for fabrics and small accessories, are shipped to our receiver warehouse. For smaller projects, furniture can be delivered to the client’s home directly. As we wait for all items to arrive at the receiver warehouse, we may be doing things like scheduling a painter, replacing flooring, or having custom millwork installed. Typical lead time for custom furniture and window treatments is between 6 and 12 weeks.

Phase Four: Installation

After all items have arrived at the receiver, we will schedule an installation day. This is when everything is delivered to the home and set-up. We are present the entire time to direct placement and manage the process. If time allows, we may also do final styling of the space, which means bringing in accessories and finishing touches that complete the design. If it is a very large project, a separate appointment may be required for final styling. Often, some of the final styling items are things that have not been discussed/approved previously. You have the choice to purchase the items, or to decline them.


Phase Five: Finishing Up

After the reveal, there may still be some loose ends that need to be addressed. We will make a list of any outstanding issues and assign a timeline for when they will be resolved. Although we strive to meet or exceed all expectations on the first pass, we recognize this is not always possible and are proactive in addressing any deficiencies.


We will also give you a client folder with all of your project specs (products purchased, paint colors used, etc). It will also include any pertinent care information for items such as upholstery. You will receive a final bill for any outstanding design fees, receiver and delivery charges, and for any styling accessories you chose to purchase.