Nat’s Outdoor Inspired Nursery

"An outdoor-inspired, neutral nursery"

Nat 2

This outdoor-inspired neutral nursery is a soothing retreat in NYC, with inspirations taken from nature.  The parents, originally from North Carolina, wanted to bring in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, as part of the nursery design. I sketched out the design of the mountain mural with the idea of layered mountains: Darker mountains in the foreground, becoming lighter as you move towards the background. The handpainted clouds added a touch of whimsy and gave additional depth to the accent wall.  The bold, geometric mural of snow-capped mountains sets a fun and modern tone for the room. These are the colors used in the mural:


1. All over wall color: Navaho White OC 95
2. Cloud color: Brilliant White PM 4
3. Back row of mountains: Sterling 1591
4. Middle row of mountains: Blue Springs 1592
5. Foreground mountains: Tucker Gray CW 705
6. Snow caps: Brilliant White PM4



Like a calm sea or cloudless sky, soft shades of blue tend to relax both mind and body, giving us a sense that all is right with the world.  The soft blues, grays, and creams have a warm, grounding effect, and can be great for creating a cozy atmosphere. Blue also decreases feelings of anxiety and aggression, making it a natural salve for nervous newborns and tantrum-prone toddlers.


More and more nurseries are being designed in a modern, neutral way, like Nat’s nursery.  By adding in traditional elements, like the glider & ottoman and drapery panels, I was able to create harmony with the more modern/contemporary crib and dresser from Oeuf.  By keeping a similar color palette in the furniture styles, I was able to create a cohesive, harmonious look and tie the two styles together.