Everyone deserves custom quality design fit to meet their budget, design aesthetics and personal interests. Touijer Designs is equipped to help take care of your design needs, from initial concept, construction/renovations, furniture & decor, purchasing, to final installation.

We love partnering with our clients to create a seamless process that is educational, inspirational and of course fun!


Finding inspiration in your passions and lifestyle, we develop a full-home concept that is an authentic reflection of how you love to live. We believe that interior design is deeply personal, and our process addresses what is most important to you at every stage.


Getting To Know You

We begin every project by understanding what you hope to achieve through design. During this discovery session, we explore your style preferences and what inspires you. We will continue to refine your design goals in this initial phase, and you will receive information on fees and timelines.


Initial Site Walk

Seeing your home in person allows us to assess the layout, scale, and architecture. We will also walk the grounds to evaluate your surroundings and landscape. We will take measurements as well for furnishings, drapery, and bespoke details.


Inspiration Meeting

We select and present inspiration images to polish and refine the details of your style. Our designers focus on furniture, window treatments, soft goods, art, and accessories for your home's interior design concept. You are encouraged to share your inspirations as well.


Design Presentation

In this in-person meeting, we present a room-by-room visualization of your home, including furnishings and decorative pieces, in a digital format. Using samples, fabric swatches, and finishes, we create a tactile representation of your new interior that you can touch and feel.


Procurement and Installation

Once you select your furnishings, our dedicated in-house purchasing agent places and manages your orders. We store your selections in our secure warehouse until time for installation. When we are prepared to install, our designers meticulously place each piece in your home.



WE cannot wait to reveal your new home! We welcome you with a bottle of champagne and a few more design surprises in store. Our assistance is available after move-in for a seasonal refresh.