Candlewood Lake Guest House

"A fresh, airy place with easy-going style."


“One of the key things we did was lighten it up with brighter colors which allows you to focus on the view. This cottage really stands out among its peers.”

A fresh, airy place with easygoing style is just what the owners of this cottage were after. Located on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut—a legendary destination for swimming, boating and fishing—the guest house is next door to the family’s main vacation home. 

in 1945, the little house has gone through several updates but the goal this time around was to refresh the dark colors, which can make a small space look smaller, and play up the high ceilings. 

Sara Touijer, who redesigned the family’s main lake house and their permanent residence, was tasked with delivering laid-back living in the two-bedroom cottage with deck.

“We wanted it to be low-maintenance for us and low-maintenance for our guests,” says the owner. The absence of tall staircases and the presence of a crib and Pack ‘n Play are welcome signs for visitors with children.

“Pops of color, a pillow or throw or art, add interest to the space. But my favorite part has to be the pine-plank ceiling. It makes a statement and adds warmth in an unexpected place,” she notes.