Contemporary, Modern Rye Home

“DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH” When researching houses to flip and design for a client, we knew we had to look…



When researching houses to flip and design for a client, we knew we had to look for the worst house in the best neighborhood. After many months of searching, we came upon an outdated 1950’s Ranch home. Pulling into the driveway, you could see how overgrown the landscaping had become due to neglect. The interior of the home wasn’t much better. It was very dated, with shag carpets, low ceilings and moldy walls. The kitchen itself was straight out of the 1950’s, with vintage appliances that, I must say, had a certain charm to them. Even with the amount of areas that needed updating, you could tell from the bones and flow of the house that it had amazing potential. The planning and renovation process for the interiors began soon after the purchase of the home in 2017 and took approximately 2 years to complete. The goal of the interior renovation was to maintain the original footprint of the home, reconfigure a few walls to maximize on certain areas and redesign all aspects of the home. In the Spring of 2020, a Gunite pool, freestanding pergola and outdoor kitchen completed the exterior side of the project. If you’re in the process of looking for your dream home and are considering a “fixer-upper”, there are several things to consider.

I narrowed it down to two important points:

Location is everything: The right location will make it easier for you when you decide to sell.

Renovation costs: The most important determining factor in whether or not a fixer-upper is worth the work is the type of repairs it needs.

While it may seem overwhelming, a fixer-upper can be a great way to get good value for your money. If you have the vision to see beyond the weeds, outdated bathrooms and kitchen, and moldy walls, you can land a property that you will love someday in the future. You just have to be willing to invest the time and money to go from “ick” to “oooh”.