Designer Showhouse 2018

"The combination of soft tones and metals created a very rich, stunning room"


The Holiday House is not your average showcase: proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and it is dedicated to celebrating life, beauty and optimism as an antidote to cancer. Touijer’s design inspiration ties in with this theme.

“I found my inspiration for the room in the word ‘awakening’, the designer explains. “This term can have several different connotations but for me it means an inner awakening: finding what moves you, with the idea that all things are possible with the right mindset, confidence and belief in yourself.”

A certain softness

For this project, Touijer wanted to showcase the beauty in layering materials together to create a subtle mixture of both feminine and masculine touches.

Touijer: “The overall look of the room has a softness to it. This is due to the muted color palette: velvety blushes and mauves as well as shades of blue and gray. To add extra interest to the design, two different types of metals were layered in: Matte Black and Polished Nickel.”

Hakwood tiles:

For this project, I wanted to showcase the beauty in layering materials together. The Hakwood tiles add an extra layer and dimension to the space, becoming the focal point in the room. Touijer worked closely with the Hakwood team to design the pattern used in the Wall Tiles. “I wanted a three-dimensional focal point in the room, with a floral-inspired pattern that complemented a drapery fabric utilized in the design”, she explains. “The Hakwood team streamlined the process by taking my sketch and creating a 2D elevation of the pattern. A very simple process for such an elaborate design. It’s one of the aspects of the room that I’m particularly proud of.”