Antonio Gaudi

Design Inspired by Nature


My fascination, with using nature as a design concept, escalated during my recent trip to Barcelona, Spain. As a more geometric loving designer, I was intrigued with the curvilinear, organic shapes of Barcelona’s most renowned designer: Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi’s interest in Catalan medieval history inspired him to use nature as an inspiration for forms used in construction, not just as decoration. These forms were very curvilinear and organic in form, with the parabolic arch becoming his signature shape.

Antonio Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi  1852-1926



Gaudi was a Spanish Architect of Catalan decent, involved in the Modernisme Movement, not to be confused with the Moderism Movement.

In other countries, this movement was known as Art Nouveau, Jugenstidjl, Sezession, etc…..












Gaudi was best known for the unfinished, Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia


















gaudi hallway

Parabolic arch in hallway

casa batllo

Casa Batllo
















faces of gaudi

Roof of Casa Mila

spiral staircase

spiral staircase
















Gaudi wasn’t the first to use nature as inspiration, but is probably the most well-known designer to do so. His work was considered to be revolutionary for the time and  present day. One of his most famous phrases was “originality is returning to the origin.” For him, this origin was nature. Inspiration from nature continues to be seen in the designs of today.
nest chair
bone chair
flower chair


















Interesting facts about Gaudi:

* His first project was to make lampposts in the Plaza Real (Royal Plaza) in Barcelona. The lanterns are still there.

* He was single his entire life.

* Gaudí died while still working on the Sagrada Familia on June 10, 1926, in Barcelona, Spain. He died after getting hit by a trolley car.

* His nickname was “God’s Architect”.

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