6 Ways To Keep Your Closet Organized

Are you ready to tackle your messy closet problems? We’ve got some really good ways in which you can add a little or a lot to your closet to help keep your things organized. When you spend a lot of money on clothing, shoes, and accessories you want to make sure everything is neatly tucked away or placed on proper hanging fixtures to keep them looking their best.

Your closet is one of the first things you will see when you start your day. Make your closet a space that makes you happy when you see it. Use color to liven it up. Install lighting features if it’s too dark in some areas. Hang pictures or artwork if you have the wall space. Creating a seating area either in a walk-in closest or a chair or a bench nearby comes in handy when it’s time to put on or take off your shoes. Your closet is all about you and should reflect your lifestyle and personality. 



Take advantage of Vertical Hanging Space

Whether your closet is large or small don’t let any space go unused. Since most of your clothes don’t take up the whole wall space when hanging you can take advantage by doubling the amount of hanging space. Start by installing the upper rod high enough leaving plenty of room for the lower rod, but not so high you can’t easily reach it. Then install the second rod below leaving a few inches of space between the floor and the hanging clothes. For an added bonus you can install shelving above the top rod to create more space for storing your things. If you are tall or don’t mind using a step stool every time you need to access the upper rod you can even leave space below the lower rod for shoe storage. However you decide to approach this option be sure to measure carefully before you start installing the rods.


 Use Hooks Like a Pro

Hooks can be easily installed almost anywhere in a closet. Use hooks to organize belts, jewelry, handbags, scarves, and any other accessories you want easy access to. Decorative hooks can be used to create an impressive display out of your favorite accessories. You can also use hooks to help keep you organized. Designate a place in your closet for outgoing dry cleaning items. Having them in a noticeable location makes it that much easier when it’s time to run errands. You don’t have to remember what needed cleaning, you can just grab them and go when you are headed out the door. Now you will always have that special item ready when you need it. No more hunting it down only to find it never got cleaned. Use hooks to save time in the morning by placing the next day’s outfit front and center in your closet. Your morning will run more smoothly with one less thing to think about. You can also use hooks to put your workout wear on making the transition easier. 


woman s closet




Storing the Small Things

When it comes to socks, bras, underwear, camis, and all the small things the best place to store them is in a drawer. If your closet is big enough you can install custom drawers to suit your needs. To save time and money you can place a dresser in your closet to create the same effect. Another option is to install shelving where needed. You can either do tiered shelving units using the vertical space on a wall or install shelving above the highest hanging rod. To help keep your things nicely in place on a shelf use bins, baskets, or cubbies to house the small things. For extra organization, you can easily label the bins so you never have to think about what’s inside. Shelves also are a great way to organize sweaters, shoes, and anything else you don’t want to, or can’t, hang up. If you are storing sweaters, or even your basic tees or favorite jeans on a shelf, use shelf dividers to keep everything neatly in place and looking tidy. Shelf dividers also help to keep things from falling over. 


underwear in a personal wardrobe




Pull-Out Racks

Pull-our racks can be used to store any small things that need to be hung up like special scarves, belts, or neckties. These types of racks are great because they take up little to no space in a closet and tuck neatly away when the items on them are not needed. You can install them at any height you want on a wall or closet panel.


hanging trousers in closet




Organizing the Shoes

Shoes can be organized in any number of ways. It really depends on how much you want to put into it, and what is going to work for you. If you installed shelves, and have extra room on them, you can display your favorite shoes on the shelves. You can also place them in clear shoe boxes and keep them stored on a shelving unit that way. Tall boots can be stored using special shoe racks made just for them. Shoe racks come in all forms. You can get storage units that have multiple cubbies for housing a lot of shoes neatly. You can also get single or tiered shoe racks that you can put along the bottom walls of your closet. If you have a large shoe collection and want them to be neatly organized while taking up as little space as possible, consider a floor-to-ceiling rotating shelving unit designed just for shoes.


closet shelves full of shoes





Mirrors are a great addition to a closet. Not only are they great for making sure you are looking your best before you head out the door, mirrors also have many other great benefits in a closet. Mirrors can add extra light to a room to help brighten it up. If your closest needs more lighting adding a floor-length mirror can brighten up the space. Adding a mirror with a beautifully decorated frame can showcase your personal style in your closet. You can even create artistic wall art with mirrors!