Eero Saarinen


This weekend, my son and I attended the Family Science Saturday’s at the IBM Watson Research Facility in Yorktown. It’s a great hands-on program created by scientists at IBM, with the goal of exposing children to science and its relevance in their lives. Upon entering the library where our group met, I instantly recognized two of my favorite designs: the Womb chair and Saarinen table.


Womb chair


Saarinen oval table


Upon further investigation (quick Google search on my phone ), I found out the IBM research facility was designed by one of the most famous designers of the 20th century: Eero Saarinen


saarinen photo



Eero Saarinen 1910-1961


Saarinen’s studies began in 1929 in Paris, with his focus on sculpture and furniture design. During that time, he became close friends with with Charles and Ray Eames and Florence Knoll. He later collaborated with Eames, creating a series of molded plywood furniture for a MOMA furniture design competition in 1940.

Eero completed his studies, graduating from Yale University of Architecture in 1934. He later opened his own firm after his father’s death in 1950.






Eero’s first love of sculpture was reflected in his many building and furniture designs, with curving, organic shapes.

TWA Terminal

TWA Terminal at JFK

Tulip chair

Tulip Chair

IBM Research Facility

IBM Manufacturing and Training Facility


St. Louis Arch

St. Louis Arch


MIT Chapel

MIT Chapel

“The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man’s life on earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence.”




 Upon leaving the IBM facility, you are left with one inspiring word: THINK


Sara Touijer

Touijer Designs


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