NYC House4

NYC Designer Showhouse Part 2: Room Deconstruction

Part 2 of a Three-Part Series

I’m always nervous when I start something and have no knowledge of what’s beneath the surface, but you just have to take the first step and start ripping it apart. So that’s exactly what we did! We started with the top piece that actually looked like a wavy piece of wood.  It was a little difficult to take down but I had my carpenter, Kieran, help me and we ripped it out together.

NYC House2

We continued tearing out the existing structure, down to the studs. A lot of these studs were reused as part of the new fireplace design.

It was much easier to incorporate them into the design rather than remove them. Remodeling is a process and you’re never sure what you’ll come across. Being able to make changes on the fly is key to a successful design.

NYC House3

Revisiting The Design Concept


The design of the space started with the central fireplace, with the gas cartridge insert provided by Hearth Cabinet. This was the focal point in the room and top priority to complete.  We started with 2×4’s and began installing them strategically to complete the bones of the structure.


The layout of the fireplace consisted of the fireplace insert on the left and the vertical section of stacked wood on the right. With the 2×4’s in place, the sheetrock was next, which was all pretty straightforward. There were a lot of calculations and math involved to get studs in the correct place and ready for the finishing steps.