5 Nursery Design Ideas To Inspire You

Welcoming a baby is such an exciting moment in any family. Designing a nursery is one of the first steps you take in creating a space for your new baby in your home. Picking out colors, fabrics, and furniture styles can also be overwhelming when you have so much other baby prep to do! I’ve pulled together some of my best design ideas to give you some inspirational help with designing your baby’s room.

Sophisticated Girls Nursery


When designing a bedroom for a baby girl, there are so many fun ways you can bring style to the space. Wallpaper is a great way to add an eye-catching element in a quick and durable way. By choosing a classic floral, damask, or stripe pattern in modern youthful colors, you can achieve a look that won’t have to change as your child gets older. We also love adding layers to a baby’s room, with throw blankets, drapery, and accessories. Check out our top picks below:


Hannahs Sophisticated Nursery 5




Modern Nursery


In a nursery, you have to be prepared for any mess. It’s a good idea to make just about everything in the room washable and durable. The good news is – there are many fabrics and materials that will meet your needs! Hardwood floors with rugs are great, but if you don’t have the luxury of hardwood, rugs laid over carpet work, too.


Frankie Rubys Shared Modern Nursery 2



Boy’s Nursery


Designing a nursery for multiple babies doesn’t have to get complicated. You just need to find a strategic way to incorporate an extra crib.



Tej Kairavs Shared Boy Nursery3




Outdoor Nursery


The whimsical misty landscape of this full-size woodland mural creates a subtle wonder wall that’s calming and serene and totally magical for children.



Nat 3




Coordinating Nursery


Design a boho baby room with texture, a neutral color palette, and lots of flair. You can also add comfortable seating in the nursery to serve as an extra place to rest. It’ll come in handy during nursing or for story time! It can also be a great surface for folding clothes or where older children can sit and be included in the fun of a new baby.



Robel Zuria Nursery 3