25 Design Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

Transforming an attic or loft is a smart way to turn underused space into functional space. A cleverly designed loft or attic space can create more living space in your existing home’s layout and add extra value to your home. If your house is becoming overcrowded continue reading to learn how you can create more living space in your home without adding on to it. 

When deciding on what type of room to convert your attic or loft into it’s important to know how much space you have to work with. You may find you have enough space to create multiple rooms in your attic or loft space. On the other hand, you may find you only have enough room for one really well designed room. Once you know how much space you have to work with you will then know what type of room you can realistically create.




Next, think about what your home is lacking. Are there enough bathrooms for everyone living in your home? If your loft or attic space is small consider adding a half bath. They take up very little room and can solve at least half your bathroom problems. Do you work from home and want to move your office out of your bedroom? An attic or loft conversion can make a great office space. You are working with a blank canvas when it comes to attic/loft remodels. They can be converted into practically anything. Read on for more design inspiration.


25 Loft Conversion Ideas

  1. extra lounge
  2. bathroom
  3. guest bedroom
  4. Home Office
  5. Dressing room
  6. Walk-in wardrobe
  7. Home library
  8. Escape for Teens
  9. Master suite
  10. Game room
  11. Media room
  12. Crafter’s nook
  13. Multi-use space
  14. Den
  15. Study room
  16. Playroom for young kids
  17. Nursery
  18. Mancave
  19. Studio
  20. Home Theater
  21. Home Gym
  22. Entertaining room
  23. Poker room
  24. Slumber party room
  25. Home business




One of the most common attic/loft conversions is a bedroom. However, if you host a lot of holiday get-togethers, or need extra space for people to sleep, turn your attic into a slumber room. Built-in bunk beds can create extra sleeping space for guests while also adding to the room’s design. You can also add a sleeper couch for extra seating and bedding. Turning your attic into a great slumber party room for kids. Add some built-in shelving to store your favorite board games for family game night and your starting to create a multi-purpose room.

If you work from home full time you need dedicated office space. Converting your attic/loft into an office can give your work and home life the separation it needs, especially if you create and/or make goods for a living. Having a dedicated space to house all of the things you need to run your home-based business is invaluable to your business’s success. Being able to pin up your inspiration boards and drag out supplies and leave them until the job gets done can save you so much time and energy. Now if you do most of your work online, you can easily turn your attic into an office plus a library for reading and studying. It could be that your line of work requires you to need a studio. Turn your attic/loft into the studio of your dreams. 




If you like to entertain and have guests over frequently you can turn your attic into the ultimate entertaining space. By including a mini-fridge, a home bar, a poker table, and even a popcorn maker you can create an amazing space for grown-ups. 

A home theater or arcade-style game room can provide loads of family entertainment. Create awesome memories with family and friends by converting your attic/loft into an extreme hang-out space. This type of space can also double as an escape for teens. 

Having a home gym is a must for anyone with an active lifestyle. With a home gym, you don’t have to worry about what the weather is like outside. You will always be able to get your workout in. By placing your home gym away from the rest of the house you can work out as hard as you want any time of day or night without worry of waking everyone in the house up. 


Attic/Loft Conversions That Embrace Proportions

The biggest design challenge with attics and lofts can be the sloping ceilings, especially if your space is already on the smaller side. However, don’t let this discourage you. Find design solutions that you can use to your advantage. Tuck beds under the slopes. Get creative with custom-built shelving. Carefully consider the walking path in the finished room, and avoid putting things in areas where height might be an issue. By cleverly placing furniture you can dodge any issues and make the best use out of the space you have to work with. 




Are You Ready To Convert Your Loft?

Deciding to convert your attic/loft into a living space you can use is a win-win for homeowners. You are creating extra much-needed space in your home for you and your family while also adding extra value to your home. Your attic/loft is a blank canvas for you to create any kind of room your home is lacking. If your loft is big enough you may even be able to create more than one room or one large multi-purpose room. I hope you have found some really good ideas for your attic/loft conversion in your home. Now the hard part is deciding on what your family needs or wants the most.