Design a Kid-friendly Space


Decorating a kid-friendly room is probably the easiest and most enjoyable room to decorate in your home. It gives you the opportunity to create a magical place of creativity and exploration in your child. Let your little one’s imagination run wild in a room designed especially with them in mind. Imagine yourself in your child’s shoes. Think about what they love to play with most and make that the main design theme in the room. When starting a project like this it is important to consider your budget. A perfect kid-friendly bedroom does not have to cost a fortune. Continue reading to learn how you can decorate your child’s room for any budget.


Special Elements

Before you begin to make any design decision consider the age of your child and how long they will live in the room before they outgrow it. For example, if you don’t want to repaint the room in a year or two consider painting it a color that will grow with them. Another idea is to paint a bold or decorative accent wall that can be repainted down the road. Although you will still have to do more painting later, you can save a lot of time by only having one wall to change out.

Because a kid’s room and space gives you such freedom for bolder choices, this is really the best place to add that whimsical large-scale wallpaper, a painted mural accent wall, the patterned furniture, neatly built-in hide-aways, or ethereal canopies. These are the types of things that make these design projects unique and so enjoyable to work on!

When designing with a tiny tenant in mind consider their height and access to their things. Imagine a cozy floor bed and pint-sized table and chair set offer a comfortable alternative to traditional furnishings, while low bins, open shelving, and easy-to-access hooks encourage self-responsibility and independent play. Make sure everything is easily accessible.


telescope in astronomic childs bedroom


Embrace Simple, Modern Design

If you want to keep things easy on yourself when designing the perfect kid’s room, start with what they already have in their bedroom: toys, books, clothes, etc. You can then begin to incorporate design elements from your theme into the room.

Since toys for smaller children tend to be larger than toys for older children getting creative with storage solutions is critical for a tidy space. Look for storage bins that are easy for your child to access, or use bins, baskets, and shelves that remain open for easy clean-up.


Decorating Elements in a Kids Room

Decorating elements in a child’s room can range from a painted mural on the wall to a billowy canopy covering the bed to the furniture in the room and the artwork on the wall. As you make a design decision consider any special elements your child would love to have in their room. For example, If your child loves to read create a cozy book nook featuring a bookshelf for their favorite books and a comfy cozy place to sit. If your child loves playing with a particular set of toys create the ultimate play station so they can play to their heart’s content. This area can also double as a display area for their toys when they are not playing with them. There is very little that will upset a child more than to have to tear down their Lego city, or put away their Barbie scene, only to have to rebuild it again later.

Artwork hanging on the wall can add a lot of visual impact to your design, and the possibilities are endless. You can purchase wall art, create your own, or hang your child’s own artwork. Better yet create a hanging display that can be changed out. For example, you can hang up a corkboard or use string and clothespins to display artwork or pictures.

There are also many other items that make great additions to any children’s bedroom. Here are just a few ideas:

– Wall Art

– Bookshelves/Bookcases

– Dressers

– Chairs

– Stuffed Animals

– Your Child’s Own Art Work


cozy child bedroom in pink


Embrace Easy Updates

Make design decisions now that will make updates easier as your child grows. It is much easier to change out furniture pieces as your child outgrows them. You don’t want to have to redesign your child’s room every time they hit an age milestone. Choose a bed that your child can grow into. You can easily change out the youthful bedding with more sophisticated bedding as they get older and their tastes change. It is about blending kid-friendly elements with design details that can grow with your child.


Play with Color in a Creative Way

Incorporating lots of color in a small child’s room is essential. Children love bold, bright colors. There are lots of ways to incorporate color without creating lots of extra work down the road. We talked earlier about creating an accent wall that can be changed out later. Another option is to create an accent wall with wallpaper. As your child grows you can easily make the room look more sophisticated by adding complimentary wallpaper to the existing wall color. When you make bold changes to the accent wall and bedding and remove any child-sized furniture and toys you can easily transform the room into a new one.


colorful kids room


Designing a kid-friendly room is one of the most enjoyable rooms in a home to decorate. If you keep in mind design elements that can be easily changed as your child grows it can also be the easiest room to design. You know your child is going to have different needs as they grow. Keep this in mind as you make your design decisions. Elements that are easy to change, and necessary as they grow, are key design elements to consider when decorating a kid-friendly space.